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irish wolfhound

A special place in the breeds varieties, classified in ten groups, goes to the giant species of the dogsworld - the Irish wolfhound or the Irish-wolfdog. According to The Federation of Cynology (FCI) it belongs to breed group X of the hounds. The Irish wolfdog is a dog, the first impression of which remains for all life long as huge, imposing, with excellently-developed muscles and elegant built; it has a hair cover of average length and thickness (wiry). It can be of any colour and any shade of white, creamy, silver, golden, red, black, nearly plain, but most often with tiger shades and nuances. It never has clearly marked spots but its eyes are always dark, as well as its nose. It has sweeping movements with a typical allure: powerful, light and vigorous.
As for its attitude to children, the Irish-wolfdog is very smart (it is perfect for keeping company as it is basically a domestic dog) and never shows a sign of aggressiveness. Additionally, this shrewd and resourceful breed with keen eyes is characterized by whole-hearted loyalty to his masters, might, natural beauty and peaceful pride. Despite its massive proportions the Irish-wolfdog are friendly and well-meaning, ready to socialize easily with people, they love their caresses and give them, in return, deep love, affection and tenderness.

The Irish-wolfdog becomes exceptionally devoted to its master and misses any lack of attention in its masters absence. In cases of a long separation from its master, the dog can have a heart attack, because of feeling sad and miserable. For this reason, it is important for these dogs to start socializing with the whole family and their friends from their puppyhood. It is not recommended to keep these dogs in a courtyard and/or on a leash because it makes them feel ignored and abandoned.
Another typical feature of the breed is its love of freedom. It needs to daily have a 2 hours free run in at safe place (with no cars and other vehicles around). The Irish-wolfdog adores nature and excursions in forests and umbrageous places. In our winter conditions (dry and cold) it is not recommended to keep the Irish-wolfdog outdoors. Neither is it good for the dog to be in the scorching sun. Apart from keeping company and being a guard, the Irish-wolfdog is engaged in public service at Buckingham Palace and participates in royal ceremonies.

In 1926 the Irish-wolfdog was registered in the Guineas book with a height of 1.05 cm after which the record was scored by the German dog and nowadays the tallest dog in the world (120 cm) is the Irish-wolfdog. Most dogs of this breed are 86-90 cm tall. By temperament the Irish-wolfdog is calm, level-headed and never attacks first, but if the dog is in danger or frightened, it becomes a hostile enemy with a very tight bite. "When you fondle this dog, it is delighted, but if you provoke it, other people will have to gather your bones, they say in Ireland. Apart from being very clever, these dogs are known to be very confident and independent which makes it necessary to train them from a very early age both strictly and tenderly lest they do not get spoiled. Meeting other breeds, they feel happy and curious. Meeting other males at dogshows, some single male Irish-wolfdogs or males living with several female dogs, try to domineer and tend to show aggressiveness to each other but this kind of behavior must be eradicated once and for all. Irish-wolfdogs need to be physically active, so their masters should take them on long walks outdoors.

irish wolfhound

The expenses on food are not very high for the medium and the other big breeds. The most important thing is to keep them under control to prevent them from getting overweight both during their growth and in mature age regardless of the fact that this is the only hound whose pattern of eating is similar to that of a wolf. It is highly recommended to use food supplements, such as "Ка Delis " "Gag Forte" with glucosamine and New Zealand green-mouth mussel shell and some others for the joint cartilage.

Dog shows in some Central European countries occasionally display specimens of smaller size but still within the standard, with closely set heels and narrow movements, lighter-colored eyes and softer hair that are favored by lots of judges which causes degradation of the breed. Such precedents made the 2006 European congress on the Irish-wolfdog take very important decisions to preserve its huge size as the most important parameter.

Grooming and trimming of Irish-wolfdogs does not require much time and effort. You just need a broad metal comb to pluck out the old underhair. Hair around the throat, on the nape, ears and the neck the hairs is plucked out with a rubber glove. The paws, the lower line and the anus area are rounded with scissors. The Irish-wolfdog should be washed once a month with considerably diluted shampoo for long-haired dogs followed by thorough rinsing with lukewarm water. The dogs chin has to be washed every day. The Irish-wolfdog should be brushed once in 3 days. Additives like Mega-Derm of Virbak and biotin products have a very good effect on the dog. The dog should be fed with low-protein granules, preferably "Eukanubа". The Irish-wolfdog can also be fed with chicken meat and bones (not tubular ones!) with rice, pork stew. Food containing carbohydrates must not be given. After meals the Irish-wolfdog needs to have a rest. The dog must not be allowed to run and play after meals as it may cause gastric dilation or tortion leading in most cases to death. The breeders carefully evaluate prospects of new Irish-wolfdogs owners in order to preserve and develop the breed in the right direction.


My name is Garo Papazyan and I have been living in Plovdiv since I was born on 15.11.1968.  In  1981 год. The first dog appeared in my family – Paloma -/German dog – Arlekin/. She has ha small puppies three times but at the third delivery she died. At that time the conditions in Bulgaria were rather poor and the vets did not pay enough attention to dogs. 14 years later I bought a second dog via an advertisement with the same name – Paloma, who has been living happily in my home and has turned 11.

But once at an exhibition in Plovdiv, I saw an Irish-wolfdog for the first time by the name – “Anastasia” from the breeding grounds – “Tsarskaia prohot” – Russia and since then I have fallen in love with this breed. What I liked particularly was her fawning and rubbing against me when I started fondling her. Then I realized that The Irish-wolfdog’s character is similar to that of the German dog and the only difference is that the former are bigger and their fur is thicker. I took Lilia Kurkina’s card and waited till I had collected  2000 leva, which I did not manage to do then and I did not call her. Later at an exhibition in Plovdiv I saw a silver male Irish-wolfdog from Sofia. It was led by a man whom I started asking about the breed, but he did not pay enough attention to me. Years late I went at a casting for “Big brother” show and was approved. My only aim in entering the house was to get money, enough to buy an Irish-wolfdog. On leaving the house I had the right to join 2 TV and due to my skills and the God’s will I managed to win the necessary amount of money and I consulted the specialist Andon Todorov right away.

I had a look at all sites in Europe and found out that The Russian Irish-wolfdogs are the biggest and come from Ireland in  2 -3 generation or from high-scale breeding grounds. With A.Todorov’s help and the assistance of his friends in Russian I made a reservation for a dog and after it was born and grey up A. Todorov went to Russia to choose one male puppy from 4.
This was the most exciting and long-cherished moment in my life. My heart was racing at the airport and I was shaking with anticipation.  I was an owner of an Irish-wolfdog, my own Konan The Barbarian. Late in another Russian site “Iz volshebnovo lesa” I found the birth of baby-puppies of a very good descent and excellent beautiful color which made me decide on a female Irish-wolfdog – “Berenika”. In brief, Irina Kirjishina called it Ania. She came by train as a present for Atanas Tarev / A Bulgarian top-class athlete/ from Nikolai Petrov and Snejina Georgieva /business family/ from Plovdiv.  Later I fell in love with the white Irish-wolfdog and decided to order one, although I did no have the slightest idea where to take the money from.
In the breeding grounds “Tsarskaia prihod” some puppies were born and on 9th of September 2008 at Sofia airport arrived on a plane from Moscow my “Pervaia Leidi” – my baby! Now I am working in my hair  salon and I am in a hurry to go home because I know that “the children’ are waiting for me there. We live in a big apartment. They love me. I train, feed and take them out for a walk with love and affection. I have made my site and registered a breeding place – the first for this breed in BG. I most sincerely hope that other fans and admirers of the breed will emerge.